A Text From Heaven


After so many failed tries of waking up early just so I can attend the Feast again, I finally had the much-needed strength to fight against my lazy bones and the incomparable comforts of my own bed. Hurriedly I got myself ready and took the long trip that brought me to PICC once again.

Nothing much changed. That’s good enough for me. I was welcomed by the sweet smiles of the ushers and the warm greetings of people I really don’t know. There was this air of brotherhood that never fails to amaze me whenever I am here. Everyone is inspired to be extra kinder because of the examples shown by the familiar strangers you see around you.

I finished the mass and was feeling high already. It’s the kind of ecstasy I missed while working on the ship. Being away from this has always left me somehow empty. I felt even more happier when I heard Brother Bo preached again. Two years ago, I remember coming across his blog for the first time. Indeed, Feast is one of the happiest places on Earth. You just can’t stop counting all the beautiful things you’ll learn and discover while here. Plus, you meet truly interesting people from all walks of life whose stories will inspire you and strengthen your faith in God. Then I saw, the other preachers like Brother Adrian, Brother George and of course Brother Alvin. Each of them were given 15 minutes only to bring life to the different topics under the Younique Series. The huge room was field with laughter, music, and inspiration. Each of their stories carry lessons on faith, trust, and love.

At the end of the meeting, an announcement was made. The woman in front was talking about a retreat for all singles to be held in Tagaytay. Her voice struck me.  Good timing!, I thought for this is something I really wanted to do for the longest time. I couldn’t wait to go out and sign up for it. I was seriously counting the money I had in my wallet. I didn’t have enough then. But I always thought if something is meant for me, miracles will happen.  An d so my long awaited moment finally came. I was face to face with the two women in charge. They were Sister Beng and Sister Pat. I excitedly inquired about it. I even asked them if it’s possible for me to just deposit the payment because I don’t have enough money at hand. To my horror, the two of them told me the list was already full. I was advised to wait for the next batch which might happen early next year. I thanked them and sadly went away. I wanted it so badly. I went to the toilet and fixed myself. I still could not believe I’ll be spending my weekend thinking what could have happened if I was in Tagaytay meeting new friends while happily learning about myself and the life I have. As these thoughts crazily swirls in my head, a very strange feeling went on me. I found myself going back to the table again. I was too shy to talk to them again at first. But after much thinking I finally had the courage to approach Sister Pat. I told her I know that it’s impossible but I want to take my chance. I left my number with them and asked them to text me if someone backs out. My name was put on the waiting list. I thanked them profusely after that. I went home extra glad thinking I did something to fight for what I think I deserve to have. Yet deep in my heart I felt that this is something I really have no control over. Everything is up to God. If it’s for me, I’ll get a call maybe. If not, there are other joys to be had.

And so the whole day passed. A lot of things happened. Some good, others bad.  But in the end there were still more blessings to be thankful for than bad events to gripe about. I went to bed grateful for that one day in my life. I actually went  to bed late which turned out to be a good move. As I lay my head and rested my back, I heard a familiar sound  – a beep came from my phone. I didn’t want to get it first. My eyes were tired and I really want to sleep. Good thing I did for when I got my phone and opened the mail it brought me the highlight of my day. In the quiet corner of my room, I realized God will always find a way. He will surprise us with gifts that will truly bring joy to our hearts. I guess you already know what the message was about. It was Sister Beng. She was happy to tell me there was one more slot. I love life!


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