On Being Broken


Busy girl…

Too many difficulties in just short a time. Yet despite all the misfortunes of today, I thank You still for letting me experience them. I must say it turned out well in the end. I know that I will panic again tomorrow at the thought of not being able to meet my deadline. But then there’s a little voice inside of me gently whispering “Don’t you worry. Everything will be just fine.”:)

As my laptop stopped working today, I realized two things: (1.) How we are like things. We also need a break sometimes. Yes we have all the good intentions to finish assigned tasks, but there will come a point when we’ll be forced to relax a bit. To get distracted but not really derailed. Who knows? There might be a new source of inspiration around the corner. And once we go back to our routine , we’ll feel energized, less stressed, and hopefully more determined. These past few days were killing me. I feel like not being my normal self anymore. There were just so many things to do and so many things to learn. I don’t know what’s taking me sooooooooo slooooooooooooooow to read and understand all of them. I don’t want to believe I’m lazy nor dumb, but why can’t I be fast? I don’t want to compare myself with others but sometimes I can’t help it. Good thing you’re always there to remind me that I’m made of good stuff inside. All the hard work will pay off in the end. I will get better and better until I find my best self. Help me find the balance in everything i do. I should be able to manage my precious time. (2.) Most importantly, I also realized how you are so unlike things. In total contrast to all the amazing pieces of technology surrounding us these days, you will never break down. You will never give up on us or leave us behind. Surely, there will be times when we think we are so alone and completely helpless. But you’re always there, quietly looking on, patiently waiting and hoping we will give you a call. And what’s all the more special is that we don’t have to spend thousands to have you. We can get you for free. The only requirement is for us to believe. And once we do, there is no need for us to back up our lives anymore. You alone will complete us! 🙂


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