They come in different sizes, colors, cuteness and even classes. I used to own one when I was very young. I can’t help but miss him now. I don’t know what kind he was but I loved him dearly as a child. He’s perfectly beautiful with thick white hair covering his little body. I would run my fingers through it and gently tap his small head. I would play with his little ears that stood tall and proud when his mad or annoyed at me. I would stare at his round blue eyes that glow all the more when it’s dark. He was the most exciting thing for me as a little girl. Oh he’s so pretty. I remember very clearly how Bogart looked like when I saw this picture on TV.

The Canine Superstar!

I was having dinner with the daily news flashing on the screen. This was a strange sight that didn’t fail to catch my eye. For there on the screen I saw a dog that didn’t look much like a regular dog. Its snout was taken out of its face. I pity the dog for his poor condition.

As I continue to listen and watch, I was completely amazed by the dog’s story. I learned that her name’s Kabang which means “spotty” . She hailed from Zamboanga. She got into that circumstance for saving 2 kids who were about to be hit by a speeding motorcycle. Unfortunately Kabang landed on the motorcycle’s front wheel. The wheel rolled on the snout and it ripped it off. This tragedy happened December of 2011. And since then the dog and her owner were receiving donations from so many people to pay for her medication. Kabang and her doctor are scheduled to go to the US for an operation. The operation will cost $20,000. That’s around P800 00. Whew! Good thing there were a good number of people touched by Kabang’s story. Her team was now able to collect $22 000 from different countries. I really wish her well. Automatically I thought of prosthetics to replace her missing snout. To my surprise the vet Jose Mari Lim who looks after her told the reporters that they’re doing the whole thing for her survival more than aesthetics. Due to her condition, she was made to take 20 antibiotics every day. And this is bad for her liver and kidney. This only means there’s a big possibility she will never regain her old look anymore. That’s what she got for trying to be a dog hero, for saving 2 young lives. While these girls are probably rejoicing and feeling extremely grateful for being spared from the accident, I wonder how Kabang is feeling. Is she sorry for what she did?

Most of the time, helping others requires us to go out of our way. It entails sacrifice. It’s seldom easy. We’re compelled to leave our comfort zones and forge ahead towards sticky and inconvenient situations. In worst cases, we even get souvenirs from it. Not just expensive lessons we could quietly keep in our hearts and heads. Sometimes we get wounds and scars that serve us visual reminders for the things we’ve been through – battles fought, hurdles overcome. Whether it’s the rude hand of circumstance or maybe our indecision that caused the scars we now have, there’s something about these ugly skin marks that make us ashamed of them. Not pleasing to the eyes. They proclaim to the world how imperfect we are. But after giving it a thought, I realized (Thanks to Kabang’s help! 🙂 ) that scars are not just scars. We got them for a reason. And they have stories to tell. These stories are usually hard to appreciate in the beginning. Fast the time forward though, we’ll get to have a sense of why. We’ll understand better. We may be broken today but we’ll be healed tomorrow.

One day our scars will tell their own stories and those stories will heal other people’s wounds.

Here’s the video clip.


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