One Day


One day I will go to Your place. I will look at You eye to eye and I will only see loveliness. I will run towards You just to feel Your warm embrace. While You will extend those loving arms of Yours and excitedly wait for me at one end. Every step I’ll make is a step towards perfect happiness. No more worries. No more hurt. No more sadness. You will wipe every single tear coursing down my cheeks. All the wounds and scars I have will vanish. You will burn away my imperfections. You will take away my sins. I will rest my head on Your chest and I will clearly hear Your heart beat. It will speak of love, forgiveness, trust, joy, hope, faith, and peace. You will tap me on the shoulder, and give me a smile that’s big, wide, and certainly the sweetest.

One day. No rush, Lord. One day, I’ll see You face to face. For the meantime, I’ll find my own heaven here on Earth. 🙂


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