Lost and Found


You will seek me and find me if you seek me with all your heart. – Jeremiah 29:13

Good job Mathilde!

I’m on cloud nine. I’m once again taking a walk along the love avenue. Watching “A Very Long Engagement” left my senses in such a happy state. I wanted to see this movie many years ago. I don’t know what took me so long to find the time.

The plot was actually simple. The setting was France in the time of war against the Germans. There were 5 French soldiers who were sentenced to die for using self mutilation as a means to escape military service. One of these is a young man named Malech who just got engaged to his girlfriend Mathilde. It appears that all the convicted men were killed based on the stories of those who luckily survived the dreadful day. However, Mathilde refused to believe them. Trusting her heart, she went on a desperate search for the missing love of her life.

This quest lead her to a web of more mysteries, scandals, heartaches, and triumphs. With the help of a detective she hired, loving guardians, and also a touch of luck, she was able to discover the interesting stories of the other men who supposedly died with her fiancé. All these tiny bits of information were put together for her to get a better picture of Malech’s whereabouts.

Being glued to my seat for almost two hours is a bit challenging. I find it hard not doing anything when watching something. But I got hooked with this. I was completely charmed.  You see, I have a thing for search drama kind of film for I’ve been doing my own kind of “searching” as a kid. I’ve been looking for one thing person I thought would make my then sad life complete. I even tried cyberstalking for years. I was lucky technology was on my side, unlike Mathilde. But then she made it. She’s beaten the odds. While in my case, it took a really long time. But it doesn’t matter now. I still won in the end. 🙂

And with this small victory that changed the course of my life, I would like to share some steps, I believe will be useful to people engaged or is thinking about engaging in some form of “searching”. All leads are worth pursuing. So read on if you’re interested.

  1. Know what you’re looking for. Discern if it’s worth your time and effort. Will this lead to you becoming better or will you end up losing a part of yourself? What makes search operation exciting is that you don’t know how it’ll end. There’s no ironclad guarantee you will win. Are you ready to accept what this has to offer you even when it’s in stark contrast to the picture you painted in your head? If your answer is yes, read number 2.
  2. Take the challenge. If you feel ready and you’re open to getting hurt, go for it. This is not easy. You can take counsel from your family and friends. But sometimes, these people love you so much that they’d end up sheltering you from more heartaches. But then, the decision is always yours to make. When they frown at your choice, assure them you’re prepared for anything and you’re not willing to accept defeat. You are less likely to be blown apart by others’ judgment if you know you’re ready.
  3. Seek help. Help always comes. There are people who will come to our rescue but we have to ask first.  Also when we do this, the burden that we feel to be ours alone dissolves. A heavy weight is lifted off our shoulders. In Mathilde’s case, there was the detective. Then came the other characters like Biscuit’s wife, Tina Lombardi, and the farmer just to name a few. We have to tell them our stories and give them our trust. Weird as it may sound, we might be striving for the same end. Our needs and cries are interconnected. After all, our stories were written by the same hand. Sometimes even in the most unlikely situations, there’s a fountain of hope that springs. If all else fails, don’t forget that God’s line is always open. 🙂
  4. Celebrate small victories. Any kind of “searching” is hard. You will encounter many twists and turns. You will win as much as you will fail. Focus on the little triumphs you’ve accomplished. Remember you’re always in a much better position than the last. Any kind of result only means one thing. You are doing something. You are moving. Don’t get discouraged. Keep hoping and keep moving. Let your little victories inspire you to move ahead. These, after all are the branches by which you’ll catch and climb. Remind yourself there’s a bigger prize waiting in the end.
  5. Fight till the end. What’s inspiring about the film is the knowledge that truly a determined spirit is a strong human trait. When we are willing to run the race before us and finish it till the end, we will be rewarded. It may not always be the ending that we hope to get. But then, we’ll realize that the journey itself no matter how difficult it may be is our prize to claim. For by taking it, we’re able to discover untapped resources, strengths we never thought we have. So press on. Though you can’t see the finish line, there’s no reason to stop. Keep your optimism alive and afloat but always be ready for anything.
  6. Love prevails. No action is ever wasted when you do it with love. Search with a hopeful and loving heart. Any kind of atrocity is to be denounced. Let there be no grudges. Push hatred and prejudice aside. We are able to give more if we allow ourselves to. We are able to do more if we try. Let love inspire you to do the impossible. Love will guide us to knowing the next right step. And before we know it, the last step is right there before our very eyes.

I hope to live very long. In those many years to come, I’m certain that there will be many more things to look for. I wish to find them all. :)I know it’s not easy but I will persist. After all, I was once lost but then found. Only because You didn’t give up searching. You searched for me and You found me because You looked for me with all Your heart. 🙂

May we all find what we’re looking for. Cheers to all our dreams and hopes!


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