Cool Days with the Kids (Part 1)


Why do I love teaching? I came up with this list.


1. It’s a good way to exercise and to lose weight.

2. I get free hugs and bonus kisses from the kids.

3. I see them blush when they’d call me mom.

4. Birthdays are always special – theirs and mine.

5. I’ll never run out of gifts (teacher’s day, graduation day, Halloween, Christmas, etc.).

6. I receive flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s even when I don’t have a date.

7. I see children argue and make up quickly in the end.

8. I can showcase my hidden talents in singing, dancing, and acting on my own stage.

9. We can get silly, dirty, and still be merry.

10. When I see them outside the school, I feel like a celebrity.

11. They tell me their secrets, like I’m their trusted friend.

12. Because they tsismis almost everything to me; into the lives of their mom, dad, kuya, ate, yaya, driver, etc. I can get a peek.

13. I witness growth every day, eye to eye. 🙂

14. I’m forced to read and know a lot because of their endless why’s.

15. And last but not the least, every day is a happy day because of these…

Here’s a collection of jokes, most of which hilariously yet innocently delivered by students I had the pleasure working and learning with in GLC.

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Ria: Teacher what’s the name of this insect?

Teacher Jen: That’s a grasshopper.

Ria: What do they eat teacher?

Teacher Jen: They like to eat grass.

Ria: Oh, They’re like my mom teacher.

Teacher Jen: Why Ria?

Ria: Mommy likes to eat grass, too.


Teacher Jen: Francis, what’s your baon today?

Francis: (showing his pancit canton) Wow teacher! It’s my favorite.

Matthew: Teacher favorite ko din yan. That’s my favorite in the whole world.

Diego: (moved closer to Francis) Francis dapat di ka masyado kain niyan. Sige ka makukulot-kulot ang buhok mo. Gusto mo ba yun?


Teacher Odet: Who wants to go to heaven? (Everybody raised hands except Anjo) Why are you not raising your hand Anjo?

Anjo: Ayoko heaven teacher. Gusto ko Circle C e.


Teacher Jen: Kids did you do your homework?

Joseph: Yes teacher!

Matthew: Me, too.

Mac: Me three.

Andrea: Me four.

Diego: Me five.


Teacher Jen: Why are you moving the chairs Leila?

Leila: Kasi magpe-play kami bahay-bahayan teacher.

Teacher Jen: E sino’ng mommy?

Kids: Si Airah!

Teacher Jen: Sino’ng Daddy?

Airah: Si Angelo.

Teacher Jen: Sinong kuya?

Paolo: I’m the big brother teacher.

Leila: And I’m the sister.

Teacher Jen: E sino si Ron? Ba’t ka nasa likod? Ba’t di ka nakaupo sa chair?

Ron: Teacher ako kasi yung dog. Raf! Raf!

Teacher Jen: E sino kaya si teacher?

Kids: (thinking very hard)

Airah: (breaks the silence) Alam ko na teacher! Ikaw na lang yung manang.

Kids: Yehey!!!

Teacher Jen: (speechless)


Airah: Teacher Jen nanonood ka ba ng Sana Maulit Muli?

Teacher Jen: Hindi po e. Maganda ba yun?

Ria: Oo! It’s about love teacher. Just like the love of me and Joseph.


Miggy: Teacher you know I have a girlfriend already.

Teacher Jen: Really? What’s her name?

Miggy: Bianca.

Teacher Jen: Is she pretty?

Miggy: Yes teacher and she’s also sexy.

Diego: Teacher ako din may girlfriend na ko. 2 sila. Si Chezka and Sofia.

Teacher Jen: Ba’t 2 Diego. You should only have 1. Right Miggy?

Miggy: Yes teacher, only one.

Diego: Pero gusto ko madami teacher. Maganda yun para mabango lagi car ko.


Ron: Teacher alam mo ba madami kaming pera kaya madami akong pambili ng toys.

Prime: Teacher ako bibili ng toy na Spiderman.

Airah: Ako teacher yung Bratz na bag sa SM papabili ko sa Mama ko.

Leila: Ako nga may piggy bank sa house namin. Pag in-open ko yun bibilin kita teacher.


Diego’s Rules


Diego: Teacher dapat di makulit ang mga bata di ba?

Teacher Jen: Oo nga Diego. Di ba dapat lahat ng kids mag-listen kay teacher. Kasi if you don’t listen what will happen?

Diego: Naku teacher magiging ipis tayo. Mabaho yun.

Kids: Yuck!

Teacher Jen: (whispering to Diego) Sino nagsabi sa ‘yo niyan?

Diego: (very proud) Mommy ko!


Diego: Teacher dapat di tayo magtawa ng tawa.

Teacher Jen: Okay lang yun Diego para happy tayo. Pero dapat not too loud kasi we will disturb the other class.

Diego: Hindi pwede teacher. Sabihin mo sa kanila mag-stop na.

Teacher Jen: E bakit ba kasi Diego?

Diego: E kasi teacher pag tawa tayo ng tawa mapupuno ng laway yung tiyan natin. Iikot yun ng iikot.

Teacher Jen: Sino nagsabi sa ‘yo nyan Diego?

Diego: Si Mommy ko!


Teacher Jen: What food are we going to eat so that we’ll grow healthy and strong?

Joseph: Fish!

Francis: Vegetables!

Alex: Fruits!

Diego: Yes teacher kailangan natin mag-eat ng madaming madaming fruits kasi pag di tayo kumain non alam mo ba mangyayari sa atin?

Teacher Jen: Ano po Diego?

Diego: Mapupuno ng madaming madaming lansones yung mukha natin. Madaming bilog bilog. Di na tayo maganda tsaka gwapo.

Teacher Jen: Alam ko na kung sino nagsabi sa ‘yo nyan Diego.

Diego: Mommy ko!


Alex L.: You want? (wet wipes)

Teacher Lei: Ok! (wiping her face)

Alex: No no no! Don’t wipe your face, for pwet only!


Joseph: Teacher Odette you should buy a new radio, not that eating radio! (pointing to our cassette recorder)


Carla: Do you live here teacher?

Teacher Jen: No Carla. My house is far. I have to ride a jeep to get here.

Carla: How about a cab?

Teacher  Jen: I can also do that but it’s cheaper when I ride the jeep. I don’t have enough money to pay for the cab everyday.

Carla: Don’t worry teacher when I open my piggy bank I’m gonna give you some dollars so you can ride the cab.


Pierre: Teacher nagpunta kami sa sementeryo. Nagkita kami ng syota ko.


Teacher Lei: O Jade, what animal gives the sound moo, moo…?

Jade: Moo…moo…

Teacher Lei: Eh what animal po?

Jade: Moon!


Nico: Teacher o! Sementeryo! ( pointing to the drawing )

Teacher Ching: Sinong nasa sementeryo?

Nico: Ikaw!

Teacher Ching: Sa taas, sa ilalim?

Nico: Sa ilalim.

Josh: Teacher dapat may U sa pangalan ko.

Teacher Ching: Bakit?

Josh: Kasi, Matthew – “ Math- U”


Nicole: Teacher Lei, kita ka namin ni Mommy ko.

Teacher Lei: Oh talaga? Saan?

Nicole: Sa church!

Teacher Lei: Huh? Bakit di naman kita nakita bakit di mo ako tinawag para nakita kita?

Nicole: Eh teacher, di ba dapat kapag nasa church quiet? Pa’no kita tawagin nun eh nasa church nga di ba?


Sophia: (Singing)

Teacher Bebet: Are you attending voice lesson?

Sophia: No! Girls lesson.


Teacher Ching: Saan makikita ang vegetables? ( answer: FARM)

Chloe: Sa palengke!


Josh: Ako malaki na ako, 6 na ‘ko!

Classmate: Ako big na din, 4 na ‘ko!

Another classmate: Ako, bigger, mag 24 na ‘ko!

Josh: Hala! Sobrang big naman yun, hanggang langit na yun!


Teacher Lei: Ay! Don’t say pangit to your classmate. Sabihin mo lang, maganda at pogi ka.

Karl: I know!


Trishia: Ako sad ako kasi wala yung mommy ko.

Josh: Bakit? Nilayasan ka ng mommy mo? Lumayas na siya?


Thanks Teacher Odette for keeping a copy of this. 🙂


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