Slowing Down in Fiordlands

Happy in Fiorlands with friends

Happy in Fiorlands with friends

I woke up very early with gladness in my heart. Welcome to Fiordlands. What a dreamland!!! Yet despite today’s promise, many times I tried to push away the cellphone alarming beside me. My eyes were heavy. I was hoping to get some more sleep. So ring, snooze, stop. Ring, snooze, stop. I thought it would go on forever. Thankfully it did not. After some time, I was finally able to convince myself to get up.

Without much thinking this time, I bravely went under the shower’s extra cold water. What a way to waken my senses! Good thing after a few minutes the water turned hot. I got dressed and tried hard to set aside the laziness still bugging me inside. And  then the phone rang. It was Ate Mona reminding me about last night’s plans. So I went to the mess to meet Donna and the other girls. We all had a   hearty breakfast. 🙂 Excitedly we gobbled our food. And this was very challenging for someonle like me who takes pleasure
doing things slowly particularly eating.

Right after, off we went to the nearest lift which took us to deck 11. Then we took a short walk which eventually lead us to deck 14, the top deck. Happy we came just in time. There were a number of passengers who were equally eager to see the majestic beauty of Fiordlands. Patiently, we all waited. It was freezing up there. I never felt this cold before. It was way colder than the how it felt the first time I set my foot in Sydney. There’s something about the wind that sends chills all over my body. I contemplated on going back to my cabin to get an extra jacket. But I know I’d be wasting my precious time so I finally decided not to.We walked around the jogging track. New Zealand is such a beautiful place. It was beautiful to me when I went here early this year. It’s still beautiful up to now. It’ll forever be beautiful for me.

Around 6:30 am when we started approaching the giant mountains which look nothing but big chunks of rocks from afar. The thick fog was all over the place blocking our view. But then after a while we witnessed with our very own eyes why this place is considered a treasure. The sun rays slowly unraveling the loveliness of the whole surroundings was picture perfect. Its beauty was priceless. Click, click went cameras here and there. There were so many free smiles to give and model poses to flaunt. Everyone wanted to make a tangible memory of the whole experience.

With this thought in mind we decided to get a better spot. Luckily, Donna’s friend was there and he helped us look for that secret niche hidden somewhere. Down we went to deck 8 forward till we reached the crew pool. And whoa!!! The sight was incomparable. It’ll forever be painted in my head. The bones inside me seemed to stiffen due to extreme cold. Hypothermia!!! But carry on I did just to partake more of this extraordinary event. It was truly overwhelming. There were mountains all covered with green.Waterfalls were there to enliven everything. There were soft clouds kissing the mountain peaks.These giant mountains were covered with pure white snow. We saw sea lions swimming beside the ship much to our hearts’ delights. There were 3 people kayaking to our left side. They looked tiny orange dots free floating amidst the vastness of the ocean’s blue water. Right where I was standing, I had a glimpse of Captain Lupo from the Bridge. Throngs of happy people everywhere.

All these and more. The smallest details were skillfully painted in my head. I must say it helped that Pacific Dawn was moving slowly. We got a clear view of Fiorlands’ impeccable beauty. It brought me peace and it brought me joy. These two feelings were enough to make me overcome the shivers
that tortured me for hours. Peace and quiet yet there’s a charming and grounding joy attached to it. I just needed that. In the stillness of everything I somehow heard a soft voice inside me that whispers just two words – go slow. Feel the movement of the placid waves as they go up and down, gently rocking a weary soul. Listen to the wind’s sweet lullaby. Go slow. Look for pretty things offered. Clear one’s thoughts from worries. Think about many good things to come. Go slow.Give thanks for all graces received. Be happy for the life we live.

Maybe sometimes we should afford to go slow no matter how crazy and fast paced everything is. Only then do see real beauty. Only then do we pay more attention. Only then we find meaningful joys. Thank you for this wonderful day! 🙂


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