A Christmas Story


Candies, lollies, cookies. Trees, wreaths, socks. Stars, lights, and presents. Cold air, happy kids and Santa Claus of course. You can’t deny its Christmas.

It’s my second Christmas on board. Happy holiday once again! The lively decorations in every nook and section of the ship is truly a feast for the eyes. But then despite all the works, nothing compares to spending this joyous event with friends and families back home. It becomes more meaningful because you spend it with people you love.

Being busy has in a way its own rewards. One’s too occupied with something, you don’t have time to focus on things that make you sad. Home sickness, for instance. 😦 It’s strange how sometimes this can hit you. It can cut very deep to your core which can be stressful and draining. It can kill your joy and sap your strength. There’s an empty feeling inside, a void which is hard to fill. So thanks to the overtime work! Never mind the glitter I took with me to bed for many nights. In those few fleeting hours, I felt tired yet glad.

Random thoughts were still swimming in my head for days until came Christmas eve. I attended the mass together with some other youth staff before joining the Christmas party in our department. I felt extremely happy I went there to the Marquee for this. The priest’s homily was simple yet moving. For the first time in almost a month of preparation, I realized with new understanding what Christmas meant. The priest did this skilfully by sharing the story of a young boy he knows who has a part in a Christmas play. He was supposed to be one of the many people whom Mary and Joseph asked for a room to stay. They practiced for days and it all went good but then on the final day, the history of Christmas changed. For instead of saying no, he said “Yes there is” and he let the holy family in. 🙂  The priest never mentioned how the story ended. I’m pretty sure the audience were surprised and so did the other cast. But thanks to that small part of the story, a fountain of inspiration was born.

Jesus came many years ago to show God’s love for us. Sometimes in our desire to make Christmas an extra happy event we come up with many things that only blurs our vision of what this day is all about. But when we remove all the fluff and focus on what’s important, it’s really all about him. His mercy, grace, trust, and love. He comforts the lonely and uplifts the spirit of the sad. He forgives the sinners, brings hope to the sick. Yes, He’s all that I need. 🙂

Every day and not just on Christmas, may we never forget to let him in when he knocks upon our hearts. Let’s not get tired of writing our own Christmas story. Thanks for saying yes little boy! Merry Christmas to all.

2nd Christmas @ the Dawn

2nd Christmas @ the Dawn


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