Bucket List #11


I’ve been thinking of blue water. I’ve been thinking of white sand. I’ve been thinking of little boats and basking under the sun. I was toying with some fancy thoughts while the crew drill was on. Divided attention and lame focus. Bad! 😦 After 1 long hour though, the wait was over. We went back to our cabin to get our stuffs as soon as the stand down order was given. And then in just a short while Mary, Maricel, Mariel, Frances and I excitedly got off the ship. Thanks Mommy Cecil for taking my IPM duty today. It was well appreciated. Mwah!!! Hello Vila! Here we come! 🙂

We took a cab that lead us to Le Lagoon. And wow! In an instant, childish fantasies were realized. The beach, the pool, kayak (Yey! Never mind the scorching heat from Mr. Sun), people in bright colors, strangers with warm smiles. Cameras were overused for taking pictures. Pictures of happy faces. Pictures of healthy bodies. Pictures that tell stories of fun.

To bare or not to bare??? I was of two minds the whole time. The place was almost perfect. And there were very few snooping eyes. But I was never comfortable with my body. I had issues and I struggle with some of them up to now. So when asked to take off my cover up, I was at first a bit hesitant. But girlfriends are there for a reason. No matter what, they’re always a blessing to have. They’ll pester you and they’ll bully you sometimes yet on the lucky side, they’ll support you and they’ll never fail to make you smile. So thanks to them and to peer pressure for after a few minutes, there were 5 happy and crazy girls playing and swimming in the refreshing waters of the beautiful resort. Take note in their hat  (ay mali!) hut  (hindi pa din, pero sige na nga) hot swimmers. (Naks naman). Never mind the bulges. Forget about unwanted marks and scars. Don’t think about what others are thinking. Push shyness a little to the side. It’s all about 5 pretty girls having the time of their lives. Wahaha!!!

On our way back to the ship I thought of you and I quietly smiled. I know You’re smiling, too. I know you’re happy I’m happy. I know You know I had a great time. Teach me and the others to appreciate our bodies more. To take them fully despite their imperfections – color, spots, and size. To be proud of what they have and what they lack. To love them for what they are. After all, they were created by Your loving hands. 🙂 Thank You I ticked one tiny goal from my list. Yeah one step at a time. Little goals then big goals. They will all happen in their perfect time. 🙂


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