Fate be changed,

Look inside.

Mend the bond,

Torn by pride.

Thanks Merida!!! :)

Thanks Merida!!! 🙂

Mothers can be the oddest people. They tell you things you wouldn’t understand. They can be complicated at times most of the time. They say they only want the best for you. You wonder how come they know what it is you really want. They share stories about lessons they say they learned as a child. Stories that you’d rather not hear about because they pressure you to grow up fast. They tell you you’re too young for love. But then when caught doing things they dislike, they’d scream that you’re old enough for that. They can be overprotective, sheltering you from all the storms of life. But sometimes they embrace you too tight you end up suffocating because of their caring hands. They have a say on almost everything – your hair, your clothes, your nails, your grades, your suitors, your friends, your dreams :(, etc. The list never stops. Certainly at some point in our lives there were moments we wished we can change our mothers just like Merida (pero wag naman bear :)). This way, we can change our fate, too. This way, we can shape our future based on our own liking.

We’re different from them. We have our own wants. We have our own plans. We have our own lives. With these bold thoughts in mind, we try to do things to prove to them we’re right. We know better. Their words don’t matter :(. And so the friction starts. The more we couldn’t understand. The more we refuse to understand. But then due to some unexplainable turn of events which is all part of growing up, we find ourselves wanting to mend the bond which is not an easy part. But nothing can get in the way of a determined heart. So we try and we don’t stop even if it’s hard. Until we get our much deserved reward.

I wish I’m back home again eating palabok with you. Looking for mocha flavoured cake with Joy. Telling you I love you not just over the phone. I thank you for the many things you did for us (a lifetime service). For the many things you didn’t do, too. You taught us how to be brave. That courage doesn’t have to be grand all the time. There is also a quiet kind. I’m sorry I hurt you many times. Maybe I was just too young. I long for your stories. I miss you when you laugh. We’ll window shop again and eat in Jollibee after 5 months. (Nyaaaayyy!!! Ang tagal naman.) I now know better. Your words do matter. Happy birthday! 🙂


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