Ayayay Pag-ibig


He was late. He was sweating profusely. He was catching his breath but he was smiling when he saw me. He was holding a flower. It was pink. It was tiny. It was pretty. It’s not a rose though. Bougainvillea siya e. Haha!!! “Happy Valentine’s day teacher! I got this for you. Took it from our neighbour’s front yard.” This he said with a toothless grin then off he went to play with his friends. Did I say he’s only 5? 🙂

When I was still teaching back home February is one of my happiest months. Well when you’re surrounded by kids every occasion has to be extra special. I remember the love hearts and cards we make, the chocolates and flowers they give. A happy spirit is all over the place. There’s no reason to feel lonely even when you’re missing a date. You’ll just feel the LOOOOOOOOOVE… But what is love really? Whenever we’d come across this word, I’d ask my students what this means to them. Interestingly with no hesitations, they’d come up with instant replies. Simple and honest. Just plain and pure. Love is mom and dad. Love is Ampa. Love is Jesus. Love is Miggy. When mommy buys me new shoes. When you share your toys with friends. When you give your baon to your classmate. When you help someone in need. When you don’t fight. When you kiss. When you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.  When you get married. These and many more. Always ready to answer. I must say always ready to give love, too. 🙂

The Valentine Project. Crazy 3 weeks. Funny and happy, too. This is nothing serious, though. Just to fill the time. A way to fight boredom. Many crew members were surprised when asked one corny yet cute question. What is love? Some were too embarass to utter a response. There were those who were taken aback and were caught off guard. Others just didn’t take it seriously. But there were few who gamely took the ride. So many thanks guys for making this possible. I enjoyed hearing your answers (and the bonus chika about your lovelife kapag sinusuwerte). A different Valentine. 🙂

Love is…

So there. What is love again? Nothing much. Just that. 🙂 Whew!!!

Our answers may vary depending on our needs at the moment or the stage we’re at in our lives’ journey. After all, our thoughts and beliefs are shaped by our personal histories and individual experiences. Some already know what it is. Others are still struggling to find it. To a few, it’s a curse that only brings pain and heartaches. To many, a blessing that leads to immense joy. There are those who feel it when simply holding hands. To others a sexual bond which is hopefully much more than just an exchange of body fluids. To parents maybe, a lifetime service for their kids. To young daughters, working in faraway places to send allotment. And there are those who put their trust in God, believing He is the source of all love. 🙂 It’s inspiring. It’s exciting. It’s wild. It’s fun. But then it’s crazy. It’s tricky. It has dark sides that can cause harm.

Whatever meaning we have for love at present, let’s own it. For we’ll never know long we can hold that thought. In the end people, things, and even our theories evolve. Mean time, just feel the love in the air. Because love is real. Love is everywhere. It’s a special gift that’s meant to be shared. Enjoy your Valentine. 🙂


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