Waves are beautiful. Waves can be a friend. Sometimes a loving mom that caresses you softly while on bed. They sing songs of promise. They sing songs of love. They whisper delightful words that make your heart throbs.

But sometimes waves can be scary. Waves can be bad. They go crazily mad; they make you fear for your life. They rise like angry giants ready to take the fight. They’re frightening, intimidating. You want them out of your sight.

So how do you send them away? How do you make them stop? When they shake you forcefully from left to right. When they wake you up and make you toss on bed at night. It makes you wonder – how come they were peaceful and quiet beforehand. For some reasons you don’t understand, they suddenly changed their minds. Without a prior warning. Just like that.

I know it’s something beyond my control. One thing my hands can’t do about. Nothing can combat them but a short prayer held securely in my heart. Hoping with all my might you will respond. That You will silence the storm in a snap. And once again the waters will behave like a sleeping child.

Of course, You did.

Thank You for reminding me to be still. For telling me You are my “GOD”. That I am Your child. And just like any loving father, you will never leave my side. Even when the tides are high (literally). When I’m facing something bigger and everything around me is going wild. I know You got me covered. That under Your protective hands I am safe and sound. That all I have to do is believe. And then after that I can relax. Because You’ll take good care of everything. After all You are the one in charge. 🙂


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