I’m presently all over the place. My thoughts are incoherent and I don’t feel good about myself. The bad weather outside ended yesterday. Yet the wrath of the angry wind and the rain’s wild lashing seemed to hit me deep within. I’m finding it hard to recover. Why can’t things work out the way I want them to? Why does it have to be soooooooo hard? I feel that I’ve given so much today but in return nothing happened. I remember Brother Bo’s words 2 weeks ago in his talk. He said, “God will never waste a single hurt in your life. He will use that hurt for your healing and for your harvest. ” Why do I keep on hitting this dead end? How come this path always seemed dark? I know just like the other roads I’ve taken I’ll get through this somehow. But at the back of my mind, I know I don’t want that SOMEHOW. I desire to emerge triumphant and hold victory in my hands. I believe this journey is worth taking. There is treasure waiting for me on the other side.

I am oftentimes tempted to make a detour and turn away but I know I shouldn’t. I’m certain I wouldn’t. Is that the right choice? How will I know if this will lead to real joy? To a life that’s fuller? Will this dream bring me closer to You? Will this make me better? Will this bear fruits that can bless others, too? I am seriously doubting. I’m not sure anymore. There, finally I said it. It was at the tip of my tongue. It was hiding in the caverns of my confused mind. Many times, I pushed away those words, those thoughts but then they’re there. They’re now out in the open. And I’m thankful I let them go. felt relieved. It’s like a heavy weight was lifted of my shoulders. So this is what all these “clutter” is all about. The pressure is beginning to melt over me and I don’t want to admit it. I couldn’t handle it. Fears are beginning to inch towards me, slowly and quietly asserting themselves to my thoughts and to my body. What if things don’t work out? What if I fail again? A list of uninspiring thoughts about the future that is also not certain. I want to forget about these ugly things, bury it down under, send it to the wind. If only I could.

As this day finishes and I start to rest, I pray that I be cleansed of all these random ramblings, dispersed thoughts heading nowhere. I pray that I find answers to questions that really matter. And tomorrow when I open my eyes, I will wake up to the hope, beauty, and joy that the new day offers. For now, I’ll accept the truth that some days are wonderful and others unbearable. Still, whatever days I have, they are sill gifts from You. Nonetheless I’m not giving up. In the end, I know that there’s something good (even small) this weary day will give no matter what.

Dear God,

Let Your light shine before me, that I may see Your good works and give glory to Your Father in heaven (Matthew 5:16). I know that the hurting will cease. The crying will stop. Soon I will ascend and others will learn. Consume me. Consume me from the inside out.


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