My name is Jen Montenegro. I’m a teacher. I enjoy working and learning with kids. I like reading books and watching movies that inspire me. I love listening to other people’s stories and sharing my own, too. Only now. In the past, I used to keep all my stories inside thinking they don’t matter, tagging them insignificant. I’d only listen but seldom share. Due to some turn of events, however, I realized that all our lives are intertwined. And our stories are interconnected. (After all, they were written by the hands of God!) We’ll never know what inspiration our tales can bring or whose lives we’ll  touch if our stories remain unheard. I was once broken, restored and with some parts continuously being healed by other people’s stories of faith, joy, miracle, triumph, and hope. That’s why I came up with this blog, so I can journal those thoughts that make me feel better if not best. In as much as I desire to in some extent be of help to others, these little stories I’ll use to build myself. So come read and write more stories with me! 🙂


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